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    • Girls are 4-6 times more likely to tear their ACL compared to boys of the same age playing the same sports

    • Girls who are 15-19 years old suffer more ACL injuries than any other population

    • The risk of ACL injuries can be reduced by up to 82% with a few simple exercises

    The Author

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    As the owner and founder of Max Velocity Fitness + Performance, Ken Berger has helped hundreds of athletes perform better and stay healthier. He’s also an award-winning sports journalist who has spent more than 20 years around pro athletes, speaking with them about what training and injury prevention techniques work best. His work has appeared in Best American Sports Writing, as well as The Associated Press, Newsday,, The Athletic and Bleacher Report.

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      At Max Velocity, Injury Prevention Is Our No. 1 Priority … Our Mission

      There are plenty of trainers out there making lots of promises about increasing speed and strength for sports. That’s the easy part. The MOST IMPORTANT PART — especially if you work with female athletes — is to create a strong, stable foundation to reduce the risk of injury. After all, if an athlete is on the sideline, how can she get stronger, faster or better?

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      “Max Velocity trainers taught Autumn how to eliminate necessary movement and improve her running form. In the spring, she took 5th in the 1,500 meters … phenomenal for an athlete who is usually in the top 15-20! in may, she took 1st in her age group in the Nypd memorial 5K!” — Autumn’s Mom


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        Max Velocity Fitness + Performance is proud to be the only facility in Bayside to earn the distinction of being a preferred partner facility of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).