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Our clients make progress faster because our classes are small and personal. They get better results because of our world-class support and accountability. And their lifestyle and busy schedules no longer stand in the way of achieving their goals because our programs are flexible and mobile, too.

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option 1: $99 ($100 OFF!)

1 Month of Unlimited Group Training

1x1 Movement and Metabolic Assessment

Accountability and Support

Option 2: $197 ($200 OFF!)

2 Months of Unlimited Group Training

1x1 Movement and Metabolic Assessment

Accountability and Support

Daily Nutrition Plan and Coaching

New customers only

program starts monday, Sept. 9

registration deadline friday, Sept. 6!

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more personal. Better results.

  • We keep our classes small so you gain confidence quickly and get better results.

  • We focus on movement quality so you stay healthy and injury-free.

  • We personalize our classes so you never get bored or do the same workout twice.

    New customers only

what our clients are saying

“Max Velocity not only changed my life, it saved it. I had not been able to work out in years due to chronic injuries. Now, after 9 months with Max Velocity, I've lost 30 total pounds; almost all of it fat!! This is the happiest I've been in years. It feels great to no longer feel broken. Max Velocity really gets results!”

— Eran, 42-year-old dad, Winner of 2018 Fall Fitness Challenge

2018 Fall Fitness Challenge Champion!

2018 Fall Fitness Challenge Champion!

“Of all the gyms I have been to, yours is by far the best! Not only do you strategically choose the staff you have on your team, but also you as a leader! You really care about what you do and your clients! I love all inspirational things you post online. It’s not just about physical, but all-around well-being! This year I completed two bike tours and an obstacle course. I have bigger plans next year! Thank you for being part of my life!”

— Michelle, 42-year-old mom, 2nd Place, 2018 Fall Fitness Challenge

Michelle inspires us every day!

Michelle inspires us every day!

“I was afraid of getting hurt. The workouts I’ve done in the past were really unsafe and I injured myself. My posture was so off that it affected my back, shoulders, neck and jaw. I had to start doing physical therapy and acupuncture for my jaw. After a year at Max Velocity, my posture is great and my mobility is a lot better. … I have more energy, can move easier, and I’ve lost over 20 pounds! My clothes fit better and my confidence was boosted. I also like coming here because it’s friendly faces. Everyone is supportive and they’re pushing you to do better, not more.”

— Marina, 26, speech therapist

Way to go, Marina! Down more than 20 pounds and feeling better than ever!

Way to go, Marina! Down more than 20 pounds and feeling better than ever!

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Two Options:

1 month Unlimited group training for $99 ($100 OFF)

2 months unlimited group training

+ nutrition coaching for $197 ($200 OFF)

New customers only

only 5 spots left!

Program Starts Monday, Sept. 9

Registration deadline Friday, sept. 6

sign up today, get the first week of september for free!

Max Velocity Fitness + Performance is proud to be the only facility in Bayside to earn the distinction of being a preferred partner facility of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

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