For real change, skills instead of extremes

When a basketball player wants to become a better perimeter shooter, he or she gets in the gym and practices shooting technique. 

When a baseball player wants to improve his batting average, he goes to the batting cage and practices hitting.

So when people want to improve their body composition -- add lean mass, lose fat, feel and look better -- why do they try to do a whole bunch of things that have nothing to do with achieving those goals?

Whether it's loading up on supplements, following an extreme exercise program or restricting food intake to the point of dizziness and deprivation, these strategies may work for a while. But once the unsustainable practices run their course, it's right back to the old way of doing things.

The way that wasn't working.

And guess what? The weight comes right back and the lean mass disappears ... often, with interest.

There's a different way. That's why at Max Velocity Fitness + Performance, we follow the Precision Nutrition approach to weight loss, muscle gain and performance enhancement. Just like improving in a sport, we focus on habits, practices and skills that lay the foundation for healthy living. 

Think about it: Could you become a better drummer by taking guitar lessons? Of course not. So why would anyone think they could become more consistent with healthy eating habits without learning the most fundamental skills involved in it -- such as appetite and hunger awareness?

As you can see in this infographic from PN, breaking down your goals into a series of simple, sequential and strategic skills is much more effective than going "all-in" with a series of unsustainable diets, fads and extreme exercise regimens. If you want to get better at something, you have to practice the skills that will make you better at it.

It sounds obvious. Sadly, it isn't. If you feel that you've wasted too much time on flawed strategies for weight loss -- strategies that involve extremes and fads instead of the cumulative acquisition of skills that bring you closer to your goals -- you're not alone.

And it doesn't have to be that way.

Would you like to learn more about how we incorporate Precision Nutrition's proven system into our training programs -- and how we use a proven strategy and curriculum to coach real people to real results with nutrition?

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