Single-leg training for big gains

Unilateral training is one of the best and safest ways to achieve the muscle growth, strength and power that you are looking for without compromised movement patterns that result in angry joints and injury.

If you're a novice, intermediate or even advanced lifter and you're not incorporating single-leg training into your lower-body routine, you're doing it wrong. At best, you're wasting valuable training time lifting too heavy for your mobility. At worst, you're leaving yourself vulnerable to injury.

Sure, you have to move less weight when you work one side at a time. But the benefits of grooving the proper movement patterns unilaterally are overwhelming -- especially when you incorporate isometric holds into your training.

In this post, Dr. John Rusin dissects four mandatory single-leg exercises that will maximize your gains and keep you safe. Working unilaterally helps resolve muscular imbalances so your body is retrained -- one side at a time -- to express as much power as possible once you perform traditional lifts involving a double-leg stance. And while the loads are lighter, the added time under tension due to the static holds at the bottom of each rep will help spark muscle growth while improving movement patterns. Plus, by creating more metabolic stress with single-leg movements, you can fire up the fat-burning furnace in your strength workouts at the same time.


Check out the full article, with video demonstrations, ===> here.

At Max Velocity, we don't just utilize unilateral movements for the lower body. Here's a video demo of the Landmine Press, which is an excellent single-arm exercise that can increase shoulder strength and stability without the restrictive bar path necessitated by a barbell overhead press.

Try these unilateral movements and the isometric pause technique in your training and let us know in the comments how it pays off.