Two Months To A New You ...  Save 100!!!!


Why wait until after the holiday season to start transforming your health, fitness and body?

By then, everyone will be making the Schlep of Shame to their local globo-fitness factory, only to create a flurry of pointless activity, get bored and go right back to the couch.

You don’t have to do it this way anymore.

At Max Velocity Fitness + Performance, we are putting an end to fad workouts, boring machines, impersonal training, yo-yo dieting and aimless workouts that never last.

And we’re filling the two biggest gaps most commonly found in weight-loss and fitness programs: Nutrition and Movement.

You can burn yourself out with extreme exercise programs, but if you make the wrong food choices, your results will stall. 

And if you have orthopedic or mobility issues that go unaddressed, pain and injury are waiting right around the corner to derail your progress.

At Max Velocity, say goodbye to “one step forward, two steps back.” We’re always moving forward with a proven system to unlock your fitness potential:


Assess and Improve Movement

Using our Functional Movement Screen and corrective exercise program, we'll keep you exercising pain-free and unlock hidden performance.

No More Diets

We'll give you the roadmap to the body you want with a sustainable nutrition program that doesn't end when the next fad diet comes along.


We’re so proud of the movement, nutrition and training system we’ve created that we’re offering more than $400 in savings and bonuses for you to try it for six weeks!!




Because we want you to try it BEFORE the Grinch steals your fitness!


Here's what you get ... for only $97:


  • Six weeks of unlimited Group Fitness Classes with varied, fat-burning workouts. Our signature MaxFit program has everything you need to kickstart your fitness: Strength, Endurance, Core, Conditioning and Speed & Power classes.

  • Two Small-Group Training sessions to try for free! With no more than five people in a session, our experienced, certified coaches will deliver private coaching and customized workouts in a fun, supportive environment.

  • A Functional Movement Screen, customized corrective exercise program and body-fat analysis -- a $67 value -- for free! 

Here's the catch:

 At Max Velocity, we only accept highly motivated clients who are serious about taking the right approach to improving their health and fitness. That’s why we’re making only 20 of these packages available ... and only for 72 hours!!


And here's the bonus:

The first five people who are ready to take action NOW will receive a one-on-one nutrition consultation, dietary analysis and introduction to our game-changing ProCoach nutrition system ... a $264 value ... for free!!

What is ProCoach? It’s a beautifully designed coaching program that Precision Nutrition has used to help more than 45,000 men and women lose more than 900,000 pounds with a safe, sustainable nutrition curriculum that works -- and keeps working.

Only the very best nutrition coaches in the world have access to it, including Max Velocity Owner/Head Coach Ken Berger. This video shows the incredible results that PN clients have achieved.


This nutrition coaching bonus brings the total value of this comprehensive health and fitness package and bonuses to $572.

But since we place such a high value on motivated, dedicated people like you in our community, you can have it all for $97 if you act now!

Max Velocity Owner/Head Coach Ken Berger is a certified Functional Movement Screen specialist, Precision Nutrition-certified  coach and Certified Speed & Agility Coach (CSAC). He has spent more than 20 years in professional sports as a journalist, and believes that real people seeking real health and fitness deserve access to the same knowledge, resources and coaching techniques that competitive athletes receive.

And he’s created that environment and community at Max Velocity Fitness + Performance, conveniently located in the heart of Northeast Queens at North Shore Tennis & Racquets Club (34-28 214th Place, Bayside, NY 11361).

The facility features large locker rooms with showers, food service, a fully equipped training center and an indoor turf field during the fall and winter months.


Don't be one of the thousands of people making the annual post-holiday Schlep of Shame to a cookie-cutter gym with the same old, boring machines and exercises.

Take the first step toward getting control of your health and fitness, reshaping your body and lifestyle and supporting your good intentions and motivation with REAL, PROVEN SOLUTIONS to the nutrition and movement gaps that sabotage success.



Claim one of the 20 promotional packages before they're gone ... and before the offer expires at midnight Friday! 




Our Training Facility

34-28 214th Place
Bayside, NY, 11361

Working with Ken for the past three months, I have been able to lose 10 pounds of fat, add nine pounds of lean mass and improve my performance in kettlebell competitions. I recently PR’d my biathlon with 89 jerks and 142 snatches with a 20-kg kettlebell – best I have ever felt with that heavy bell!
— Cara, 45, training and nutrition client
I’ve lost 19 pounds and counting in Ken’s nutrition coaching program, using his in-person guidance in combination with his innovative ProCoach online platform. I can’t say enough about this system and Ken’s coaching; he’s a difference-maker.
— O’Neil, 34, training and nutrition client
As a woman in my fifties, it is not easy to start taking control of your life. But with Coach Ken’s help, I not only stayed on track with my fitness goals, I went on to win a health & fitness challenge! I am proud to say I’m medication-free and stronger than ever.
— Erin, 53, training and nutrition client

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