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From overweight, discouraged and broken to champion of our Fall 2018 Fitness Challenge, Eran Kaynan tells his story of how he regained his fitness -- and confidence -- at Max Velocity.
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Ken has been around pro athletes his entire career. He's had an inside look at what goes into preparing for and recovering from the highest level of competition. He knows how to prepare the human body for performance through training, nutrition and recovery -- the full package. Some people in this field just get it; Ken is one of those people.

 - Tim Difrancesco, founder of td athletes edge. six seasons as head strength & conditioning coach of the los angeles lakers.


Michelle tried every workout, fitness class and personal trainer out there, but none of them could modify her workouts for her prosthetic leg and keep her healthy and making progress ... until she came to Max Velocity.
Jenn is a 43-year-old mother of two, and she finally found a place where she can get sustainable results, where the workouts don't hurt her, and where expert nutrition guidance, accountability and support are available to her 24-7. Check out Jenn's story!

More Testimonials

Marina, Group Fitness/Personal Training Client

I was afraid of getting hurt. The workouts I’ve done in the past were really unsafe and I injured myself. My posture was so off that it affected my back, shoulders, neck and jaw. I had to start doing physical therapy and acupuncture for my jaw. After a year at Max Velocity, my posture is great and my mobility is a lot better. … I have more energy, can move easier, and I’ve lost over 20 pounds! My clothes fit better and my confidence was boosted. I also like coming here because it’s friendly faces. Everyone is supportive and they’re pushing you to do better, not more.

TIFFANY, group fitness client

If I want to do triathlons, Spartan Races, CrossFit competitions, powerlifting or Olympic lifting competitions, Coach Ken is really great at focusing on what your goals are and having you practice with the right form. The other places that I've been to didn't feel like home. Here, there's so much open space and no one is there to judge you. Everyone is there supporting you.

LUCY, group fitness client

The coaching is excellent; nice attention to detail. The coaches know their stuff. A very welcoming environment for all levels.

Mike, personal training client

Training 3-4 times a week, I'm faster, stronger and have better endurance than most fit 20-year-olds. What I don't like are injuries; I have built up several recurring problems over the years from training like an idiot, so I need to be careful. 

That's where Ken excels. He will make sure that you're prepared. He's careful in picking movements that are safe, tailoring the warm-up to the specific movements you're about to do, and listening to you so he can account for your specific concerns. I had to email him one day and say, “I think you changed my life!” 

MINA, group fitness client

Classes are kept small so that athletes of all levels can receive attention and feedback from the coach. The coaches here are always helpful and willing to modify workouts based on injury, mobility and fitness level.

Lee, Parent of Youth Athlete 

It's obvious to everyone who watches Noah play baseball that he's a different player after training at Max Velocity. He's clearly faster and stronger. Since then, five other teammates have joined.

Wynta, Parent of Youth Athlete

Max Velocity trainers taught Autumn how to eliminate unnecessary movement  and improve her running form. In the spring, she took 5th place in the 1,500 meters ... phenomenal for an athlete who is usually in the top 15-20!

GErI, parent of youth athlete

My 13-year-old son has been training with Coach Ken for the past 3 months. His speed & agility classes are awesome. Not only is my son improving his strength and mechanics, he is having fun at the same time. This is a great class and the only one of its kind in the area.

MISSY, personal training client

Ken's professionalism, knowledge and motivation are outstanding. I have been to gyms before, but never experienced anything like this. 

FORREST, group fitness client

Great for everyone from the serious athlete to the beginner. Ken has a customized approach that focuses on your mobility first so you won't get hurt. I have achieved things here I never thought possible.

LORI, group fitness client

Coach Ken is incredibly knowledgeable in nutrition, mobility, strength training and overall fitness. He understands the challenges advanced athletes face, as well as the obstacles and concerns that beginners have. Whether you are a pro athlete looking to improve your speed and agility, or someone who sits at a desk all day and needs to balance their life with exercise, this is definitely the place to be. The small groups make the novice feel less intimidated and the pro feel like more of a star. 

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