Youth Sports Performance Training

Young athletes spend so much time playing their sports that they often don't have time for the basics -- building a strong, stable foundation and improving mechanics and technique.

That's where Max Velocity comes in.

We build strong, resilient athletes from the ground up -- with proper technique and mechanics and foundational strength and power exercises designed to improve performance and bullet-proof young athletes against injury.

Our training program is broken down seasonally, with 1x/week and 2x/week options:

  • 12-Week Fall Program: September-November

  • 12-Week Winter Program: December-February

  • 12-Week Spring Program: March-May

  • Blitz Periods: Drop-Ins available by appointment (generally first three weeks of June)

  • 8-Week Summer Program: End of school through third week of August

Middle-School, High School and College Athletes may participate in our proven Speed & Agility and Sports Conditioning sessions. High School and College Athletes (age 15 and up) also have the option of our Strength & Conditioning sessions.

At Max Velocity, our athletes won’t simply learn to run faster, change direction more effectively and jump higher. Our friendly, supportive coaching staff is dedicated to molding young athletes into better teammates, leaders and competitors.

True champions don’t just raise trophies; they uplift their teammates and competitors, too.


Max Velocity is proud to be a NASM-Preferred Partner

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