Youth Speed & Agility


Young athletes spend so much time playing their sports that they often don't have time for the basics -- building a strong, stable foundation and improving mechanics and technique.

That's where Max Velocity comes in.

A fun, supportive environment. The most successful coaching methods for increasing multi-directional speed and gaining an advantage over the competition.

Think about it: What if your 12-year-old athlete trying to make the travel team could run 30 feet one-tenth-of-a-second faster? That's the difference between an uncontested layup and getting your shot blocked … stealing a base and getting thrown out … returning serve and getting aced.

But if we only improved your athlete’s speed, power and agility, we would would only be doing a fraction of the job. Our program is interspersed with fun games, team-building activities and cognitive exercises that improve mental focus, leadership and sportsmanship.

At Max Velocity, your athletes won’t simply learn to run faster, change direction more effectively and jump higher. Our friendly, supportive coaching staff is dedicated to molding young athletes into better teammates, leaders and competitors.

True champions don’t just raise trophies; they uplift their teammates and competitors, too.

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